No License? No Problem! Car Insurance is still a MUST. Let’s Get ALL Murrieta Drivers INSURED!

Most people believe having a license is necessary for getting car insurance, however this is not the case! There are many insurance companies who will issue car insurance to people without licenses or even learners permits. Though there are laws against driving without a license and issuing licenses to illegal aliens, there are no laws against issuing car insurance to costumers who do  not present a drivers license.

Car insurance Murrieta

Should Unlicensed Drivers Receive Car Insurance?

There are varying opinions on this policy. The main concern is that not requiring costumers to provide their driver’s license allows illegal aliens to obtain car insurance. This access to car insurance may make it more justifiable for unlicensed drivers to get behind the wheel. Some believe that this further encourages them to break the law by driving without a license. Though it is certainly never okay to break the law, for the sake of everyone on the road, it is of most importance that everyone is staying safe by being insured.

Safety is the #1 Priority!

In a perfect world, all unlicensed drivers would be off the road, but unfortunately there are many drivers who can not obtain a license who still get behind the wheel. Though this is not legal, it does still happen and if these drivers get into an accident, there is still liability and damages that need to be covered. This is where insuring these drivers comes in handy, by doing so, insurers are not only protecting their insurer, but any damages they may cause to other parties. In this case, the phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ really holds true.

Though having unlicensed drivers on the road is not the safest situation, providing them with car insurance can help to provide protection in case of any accidents or damages to all parties.

There are a few penalties to not using your license, premiums tend to be higher, and these customers are not guaranteed safe driving incentives that require a valid driver’s license. Most uninsured drivers fear approaching insurance companies without a license because they are afraid of being ratted out. Politics aside, it is an insures job to provide safety and car insurance to drivers, not act as immigration enforcement.

Let’s do our job to keep everyone safe, and let the law handle the rest. This way all drivers are provided with car insurance, which is beneficial to not only the driver, but everyone else on the road. Unlicensed drivers are just as likely to get into an accident as a licensed drivers. Every driver on the road should be insured, for the safety of themselves and everyone else.

What Should YOU Do?

If you are a driver, it is of the utmost importance to get car insurance! Whether you have a license or not, you should have insurance! It is your responsibility to stay safe on the road. It is also important that people are aware they can get insurance without a license. This fact in itself could be the final piece of knowledge that inspires people to go get insured! Though it may seem an impossible feat to create a world of licensed drivers, SGB is working to create a world of INSURED drivers! If you do not have insurance, take the necessary steps! Get an online car insurance quote in Murrieta RIGHT NOW!



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